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9 Lolands Rd, Salisbury Plain, SA 5109
0433 547 993
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Select your desired site from the image on the left to view site details.

A pop-up will display about the selected site to allow you to book the site. 
Booking Options:
  • Monthly: Select monthly if you want to reserve the site on a monthly basis.
  • Annually: Select annually to reserve the site all year long. Plus, get 1 month free.
A current copy of your Driver’s License must be presented or emailed to Figtree Caravan Storage prior to gate code being issued.

How It Works

Select your caravan storage site from our online booking system.
Confirm selection with online payment.
Agreement will be sent via email to be filled out and returned to us.
A personalised access code will be sent once we receive your signed Agreement.
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9 Lolands Rd, Salisbury Plain SA 5109
0433 547 993
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